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LifeSize High Definition Video Communications Suite

LifeSize believes in the power of video communications to help people do more while traveling less.  the company designs and delivers high definition video communications products that provide productive, true-to-life experience.  Life with high definition video is easy to imagine.  Simply think of how natural face-to-face conversation feels.  You see facial expressions.  Body language and gestures provide immediate feedback to new ideas.  No new etiquette is needed.  in fact, when it comes to how to use video, you already know everything you need to know!

LifeSize® Conference 200


Introducing LifeSize Conference 200 - Superior telepresence is now achievable beyond the board room.  Now, more users in more places can realize the benefits of telepresence.  LifeSize Conference 200 is the next step in telepresence, with full high definition video, 1/3 the bandwidth of comparable solutions, and designed for deployment beyond the fixed telepresence suite.  With the LifeSize Conference 200 solution, you get the most advanced technology and most immersive experience available today:  Full HD, standards based 1080p30 and 720p60. 

Share documents and data in full motion, high definition with 720p30 dual streams.  Users can choose between telepresence mode and video conferencing mode - providing the flexibility to create a telepresence experience or to use the full functionality of a LifeSize Room, including embedded MCU with transcoding, to connect up to 6 people on-demand.  With built-in AMX panel software, calling is easy with one-button dialing.  LifeSize Conference 200 means the end of costly, proprietary telepresence solutions that are too expensive and awkward to deploy throughout your organization. 

LifeSize Conference 200 - telepresence tailored to your environment.  Be present even at a distance.

LifeSize® Room 200™

Introducing LifeSize® Room 200™.  High definition video conferencing just got better - the new LifeSize Room 200.  Experience the world's first full HD video conferencing system.  One look and you can see for yourself that the LifeSize difference is the LifeSize experience - superior video experiences across cities, countries, and continents.

Full HD Video, Unmatched Price Performance

With the LifeSize Room 200 solution, you get full high definition: standards based 1080p30 for the highest available resolution, and 720p60 for the best motion handling with half the latency.  HD audio with LifeSize phone enables clear, natural conversations.  Feature packed with an embedded 6-way Continuous Presence Multipoint Control Unit (MCU), complete with transcoding and all digital I/O, in a compact, sleek unit that's less than half the size of comparable solutions.  Unprecedented bandwidth/performance with HD video is now available under 1Mbps, delivering the power of HD video communication to any organization.

LifeSize® Team 200™

Introducing LifeSize® Team 200™ - Feature Rich High Definition Video.  LifeSize Team 200 is the next step in workgroup video communications.  With LifeSize Team 200,  you get True HD video quality - 720p30 - for natural realistic interactions.  Supporting dual high definition displays and cameras, LifeSize Team 200 includes dual microphones and digital I/O - ultimate flexibility to suite any environment.  The embedded multipoint control unit (MCU) allows you to communicate with your customers and colleagues on-demand, in high definition.

Full HD Video, Unmatched Price Performance

Committed to open architecture, LifeSize systems are standards-based, providing seamless interoperability into your existing infrastructure.  HD video at just 1Mbps enables knowledge workers anywhere to communicate effectively, clearly.  Turn your ROI into a winning business proposal - superior experience, unmatched price performance.  LifeSize Team 200 proves once again that the LifeSize difference is the LifeSize experience.


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