Wireless Data for the Enterprise

FaaST Internet back-up automatically switches over to wireless 4G LTE to keep your business connected. Cellular fail over ensures a completely diverse path that cannot be cut or damaged.

Solutions of Wired / Wireless Back

  • Automatic failover protection from Tier 1 Carriers.
  • No on-site action required
  • Continuous access to cloud-based applications
  • Can use as primary when installations aredelayed
  • Maintains network availability
  • No additional hardware or programming required
  • Alarms and reporting for each failover instance

How Failover-as-a-Service Technology Works

4G LTE FaaST Failover automatically provides your business with the continuous connection you need to
conduct business efficiently and effectively. In the event of a service outage, Broad Sky’s FaaST Failover
solution instantly detects loss of uptime and automatically fails over to your 4G wireless network.

Any systems connected to the network continue to operate at 4G LTE wireless speeds, keeping your business
running and your customers happy. When the primary network is restored, FaaST will then fail back to
the primary network once it confirmed secure. All this, with absolutely no effort required by your on-site

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