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4 Reasons Why You Should Work With A Value Added Reseller

Have you ever wondered why two similar products might have different values? Same product, same function, but a totally different value? Well, this is as a result of value added resellers. You’re probably wondering what that is, well, value added resellers (VAR) are companies that adds on special features to existing products. These products are then resold with an integrated solution for consumers. VARs are not limited to just a certain type of products, as they add value to both software and hardware variations of products.

As a consumer, you’re probably wondering what benefits you stand to gain by choosing to work with a value added reseller. Well, don’t ponder on it any longer, because this article will shed more light on it.

Here are 4 reasons why working with a value added reseller works in your favor, as opposed to a direct purchase;
Additional Support and Resources during Implementation, Turn Up and Training

One of the major reasons for working with value added resellers is the fact that you have a support system. You do not have to make decisions that might turn out wrongly, because this is their expertise. They ideally have made investments, as regards location, infrastructure, and personnel.

This allows them bring along the necessary resources during analysis and implementation. It also, lets them do their jobs adequately and efficiently too.
Cost Analysis

With copies of your current bills, you should receive a cost analysis based on your existing and proposed systems. This will allow you to compare a variety of options when upgrading your solution. Value added reseller can however, help you make the decision that is best for you.
True Partners

One Team of dedicated personnel can help you cross the finish line. They will ensure they carry out their duties efficiently, by making adequate researches pertaining to your required service. This in turn, saves you the stress of attending several conferences and making enquiries. It also, saves you money.

Value added resellers have the ability to partner with multiple vendors within all technology realms, giving options for our customers based on their needs. They also, eliminate uneccesary costs that might be of less value to you.
At Corporate Data & Voice Solutions (CDVS) We offer all of these and more. We are a value added reseller mainly for technology, and the following are some reasons why you should give us a call;

  • No Monthly Quota
  • Nothing but the Truth
  • Free Cost Analysis
  • Enhanced Support.We Win Together

We would love to work with you, contact us at (603) 890-3421 and let’s make magic together.

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