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At Corporate Data & Voice, we offer a full range of affordable business voice and unified communications solutions, as well as the network services and support needed to keep your business seamlessly connected.

Unified Communications

CDVS is a leader in the Unified Communications space. With premise, cloud, virtualized, and hybrid solutions, we help design and implement a solution customized to your business needs.

Contact Center

CDVS is well-positioned to move your contact center to the cloud, which is fast becoming the only way for an organization to embrace advancements in self-service, intelligent routing, and agent assistance that artificial intelligence (AI) will soon deliver.

Video Conferencing

CDVS improves virtual meetings with premium, high-definition video conferencing solutions. With both premise and cloud-based options, clients can meet face-to-face regardless of their physical location.

Text Message Marketing

Whether through a more robust contact center solution, or a just a simple SMS/MMS-only platform, CDVS enables organizations to reach their audiences through the convenient channel of text messaging.

I.T. & Helpdesk Support

CDVS can provide outsourced I.T. or augment an internal I.T. staff. Our scheduled network services include a number of premier offerings and our tenured engineers can be on-site at scheduled intervals to perform necessary updates and patches. Emergency services also include helpdesk support.

Virtual Events

Using the power of enterprise-video, with the bandwidth to support tens of thousands of concurrent viewers, CDVS enables organizations to virtualize events, like conferences, which once required extensive travel.

Firewall & SPAM Filtering

Our suite of security services leverages the latest technology to protect your network infrastructure from looming viruses and trojans; and our SPAM filtering service passes all correspondence through multi-layered security technology, giving you peace of mind.

Wireless Data Receivers

As either a failover option to safeguard against network failure, or to provide connectivity to temporary or pop-up locations, CDVS enables customers to receive high-volume wireless data from all major carriers of 4G LTE or 5G networks.

Structured Cabling

To run newer technologies, older buildings need up-to-date cabling. From the closet to the end-user’s desk, the certified installers at CDVS will ensure that the cables are up to the task.

Colocation / D.R.

From ensuring your disaster recovery plan is in place, to arranging the colocation of your data, CDVS will be your organization’s guide to the cloud (whether that be public, private, or hybrid cloud).

Network Infrastructure

We are proud to provide industry-leading network equipment. With Layer 3 and PoE innovation, these high capacity network switches optimize any network. Additionally, we ensure the seamless cooperation of multiple WiFi access points.

Interactive Smartboards

Digitally transform your office’s conference room with an ultra-high definition (4K) interactive smartboard. Compatible with all devices, with built in cameras, in a slim-frame design, these smartboards will greatly enhance the dexterity of your huddle space.


We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us for more information on how we can help your organization realize its communication goals. If you prefer, simply email or call us at (877) 204.5704.

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