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Utilizing Brocade and Aruba Wireless, Corporate Data & Voice Solutions are experts in consulting, implementing, optimizing, and maintaining your network infrastructure. Brocade facilitates strategic business objectives such as consolidation, network convergence, virtualization, and cloud computing. Aruba Wireless offers one cohesive and manageable enterprise mobility infrastructure that strengthens security, simplifies how users and devices connect, and eases the burden on IT.

Software-Defined Networking is new approach to networking that unbundles the traditional device-bound, vertically integrated network stack to give you greater network automation, architectural flexibility, and programmability for policy-driven control and self-service innovation.


Brocade offers a comprehensive suite of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) solutions with the Brocade Vyatta vRouter and the Brocade Vyatta Virtual ADX (vADX)—helping organizations build fast, effective, and secure networks in environments where agility and automation are paramount. Together, the Brocade NFV solutions feature high-performance virtual routing, stateful firewall, VPN functions, and Layer 4 – 7 application delivery services.


The Brocade BYOD solution delivers a solid foundation for bring-your-own-device initiatives in global enterprise, education, and healthcare organizations of all sizes. The open and secure Brocade HyperEdge Architecture is known for providing an agile, automated, and affordable infrastructure, ensuring users a seamless, secure, and high-quality experience.


Brocade Network Advisor helps proactively manage end-to-end network health, performance and aids troubleshooting. Administrators can quickly identify network issues with customizable dashboards and drill-down to isolate and fix problems. Network Advisor supports the entire Brocade IP and SAN portfolio, for unified network visibility and control.


With an innovative family of campus network switches, Brocade is making The Effortless Network a reality. These switches support the Brocade HyperEdge Architecture, which is designed to consolidate network management and enable services sharing between premium and entry-level switches—reducing both complexity and costs while protecting capital investments


Aruba access points leverage patented ClientMatch™ technology to ensure that devices are connected to the best AP, which prevents the Wi-Fi network from slowing down as people move throughout your campus.


To ensure predictable Wi-Fi performance, Aruba’s next-generation mobility firewall leverages deep packet inspection (DPI). It classifies traffic by application or application groups so that you can apply prioritization and policies based on your business needs.


To secure the air, Aruba access points support RFProtect™, which provides integrated wireless intrusion protection and spectrum analysis capabilities.

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